Nvidia Shield Tablet and Tablet K1 Get Software Updates, That Include Vulkan Conformity, Security Fixes

November 6, 2016 17:03

Source: http://tablet-news.com/2016/11/04/nvidia-shield-tablet-and-tablet-k1-get-software-updates-that-include-vulkan-1-0-1-0-conformity-security-fixes/

The Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Tablet K1 have been updated with new software this week, straight from Nvidia and bringing conformity with Vulkan among others. The upgrade for the Shield Tablet is labeled as “Upgrade 4.4”, while the Tablet K1 update goes as Upgrade 1.5.

The changelog for both models mentions a software tweak that fixes a boot loop issue, that users met with when an SD card was approaching max capacity. Nvidia has also fixed the “Dirty COW” exploit (Android Privilege Escalation Exploit) and brought the usual stability and security improvements to the devices. The Shield devices have been some of the most often updated slates we’ve covered.

While some people may be happy with such extended support, it may be reason for paranoia for others, considering this a sign that there are many things wrong with Nvidia’s slates. Well, at least this isn’t Microsoft and its Surface bricking updates, although there have been cases of Shield models bricking after updates.